I am pleased to announce, that I have, after many years, finally sat down, and took the time to wade through the 130,000 pictures on my hard drive to create the very first book of my own photography. However, this is not a comprehensive collection of my work throughout the years, but the first volume in an ongoing series of books chronicling my life on the road since it all began back in 2003.

Before my then-roommate (now-manager) Brock Cummings convinced me to go on my first tour, I was taking pictures with film, on a beautiful Nikon FM2 that my Mother (who is a photographer and was a photography teacher) and Father had given me for my high school graduation. But, when it came time to pack my bags, and hit the road, I wasn’t sure if we would even have enough money for food, and gas, let alone the processing money for film. So, i packed the Nikon away, and picked up the first camera for a cell phone I had ever seen. Back then, they weren’t even attached to the phone, they were an add on, that came as a free gift when you bought a new flip phone at Sprint. The little plastic camera was about the size of an avocado pit, held 8 pictures, and you could send them to people by plugging it into the bottom of the phone with a weird little cable. The photos were tiny, and pixilated, but it was all I could afford, and thusly, all I had. And until very recently, crappy little digital cameras, and lenses on the back of my phone are all I have used to document my life and my travels.

This is what the “Processing Money” series will cover; the 15 years of travel, touring, and adventure I have captured only with cameras that plug into phones, cameras that are built into phones, and a pocket sized digital point and shoot that has been dropped so many times, it is a miracle it still turns on. Each volume will be a limited edition, single pressing, perfect bound, 7” square, and sold almost entirely through pre-sale. When they are gone, they are gone. And within the next year or less, I will release the next volume chronicling the next chapter in my life, and so on and so forth, down the line, building an ever expanding visual memoir, till my past life catches up with my current life...if it ever does.

“Processing Money: Volume One” is 50 pages, spanning from 2003 through 2008, documenting our first years grinding it out on tour, as well as my travels through China, Puerto Rico, and the rest of North America. I am really proud of this first one, and so excited to begin this series. It has been a long time coming, I can’t wait to see the final product in my hands, and finally share it with you all.


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